Printed Packaging:
Film, Pouches, Gusset Bags, Printed Labels, Shrink Sleeves, and Sachets

Microflex Film Print Co. develops printed packaging for the food & nutritional supplement, cosmetic & beauty aid, medical & health care, roll-fed aerosol & beverage markets. As your key business partner, we are dedicated to providing the optimal flexible packaging for your products and customers. We understand the marketplace you face and will provide you with a competitive advantage.

Capabilities & Services


Adhesive labels are a convenient way to add branding to a wide range of packages. They are a fast option that is ideal for the short term. While they require a low initial investment and can be produced in very low quantities, they are not necessarily cost effective when compared to alternatives such as custom printed flexible packaging or containers with shrink sleeves.

Waterproof labels are available and can be printed in any range of colors. We offer labeling services. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Printed Film

Printed film is available for use with horizontal and vertical wrapping equipment. Film may be produced to your required size and is available on a wide range of substrates ofany required thickness. Crisp, clear colors are printed onto film and then laminated, leaving the ink sandwiched between two layers of material for a durable, high quality finish.

Our 7 plate printing allows for a range of vivid color combinations. Available finishes include matte, gloss and a combination of both. Our specialists will help guide you to a packaging selection that both meets your needs and best represents your brand.

Shrink Sleeves

Printed shrink wrap, or shrink film, is 360 degree label that contours to the shape of the package using heat, even with very odd shaped containers. Shrinkable sleeve labels optimize the entire real estate of the package for a finished product that is sleek and shelf-ready. They can be applied to any material: glass, plastic and metal, and can even be sized to fit over the container’s cap to create a tamper-evident seal that protects contents.

Shrink labels are often applied to bottles and canisters making them especially popular for food and beverages, but they are also used on boxes and canisters for many other industries. The tube-shaped labels come in continuous roll or individually cut pieces that are fitted over a container. Heat is then applied, causing them to “shrink” to the package. This allows shrink sleeves to conform to uniquely shaped containers in a way which standard labels cannot.

Shrink sleeve labels are highly durable, scratch and moisture resistant, and because they use no adhesives, they can be cleanly cut away, so the container beneath can be recycled or reused. Other benefits of printed shrink sleeves are that they are highly economical, completely recyclable, and entire container can be covered with the design.

Shrink sleeves require a heat shrink tunnel. We offer labeling services and can advise you on the best process for your packaging needs.

Flexible Packaging: Pouches & Gusset Bags

Flexible pouches and gusset bags are available in solid colors or custom printed designs in a range of formats and finishes depending on your needs. The style of the bag should be determined by the product, as well as your brand identity. Choose from 3-side seal pouches or stand up pouches with gussets (k-bottom and plow bottom available).

Our specialists will work with you to determine the appropriate selection of material, thickness, finish and additional features for your product. Such features include hang holes, zippers, and tear notches, or lack thereof (bags with no tear notch are commonly used as child-resistant packaging as they require scissors to open).

Recommendations on special features are based on how your product will be displayed and used. Our specialists will help insure that every detail of your package and its display has been considered, before your order goes into production. From format to material and finish, to special features, we’ll guide you to a solution that best matches your product.

Boxes (Paperboard)

Paperboard boxes, or paper boxes, are used as retail packaging and can be custom printed or labeled. Graphics or solid colors can be printed on all sides of the box. Paperboard boxes are recyclable, and can be produced using recycled materials.

Select from our extensive group of standard boxes, or send us custom-designed die-lines for a box made to your exact specifications. We specialize in everything from simple tuck top box to complicated telescopic boxes which feature an outer lid that perfectly fits over an inner box, and are happy to send you samples. Boxes are ideal for packaging fragile products. We can provide inner packaging (bag in a box) as well as adhesive labels if you decide to forego custom-printing on your box order.

Proper material selection and thickness depend on the application and a wide range of colors are available including metallics, gloss and matte finishes. Request samples of our standard boxes and our custom printed packaging to test the size and see the print quality.

Boxes (Corrugated)

Corrugated boxes are most typically used as outer packaging and shipping boxes. They are prized for their durable construction and economic price point. Cartons can be produced in standard kraft material, or stencil printed with a single color. By request, more than one color may be used, including flood printing the box with solid white and following with a stencil print. These shipping and storage boxes are highly efficient, reusable, and recyclable.